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"We’re using e-prescribing, which was a must-have for our workflows. We also have lab integrations, which took a little bit of time to get launched, but our providers needed the ability to send and receive labs. In our day-to-day workflow, we’re using [Elation's] 'Outside Care' feature, which is a big bonus for our providers, because we do all of our charting beforehand, so it will automatically pull medication and patient history through Carequality and Commonwell. Although not all of the data will be there, it’s still really nice to have, especially in an initial meeting with a member.

Product Manager
Virtual Oncology and Primary Care

"Getting started with Medplum is quite simple if you have a basic understanding of FHIR. The ease of generating and uploading synthetic data is very useful to begin initial testing and product design. Medplum’s primary value and focus is clearly centered around supporting a robust backend solution, and, as such, their frontend application can often be limited and challenging to use. We determined early on in our testing that any complex frontend internal workflows would need to be built within our own tooling." 

Head of Product
Technology for Cardiology Practices

"[Wellsky's] search functionality seemed to be hit or miss. As you can imagine, we’d have certain patients or caregivers that we’d have with us for a while, so there would be a lot of notes in their profile, and those logs would grow over time. That made it a little cumbersome to find what we were looking for, for example, when a caregiver had a particular issue, you had to do some digging."

Homecare Agency

"We heard about Accorded from somebody who knew the folks who had started it, and their pricing was just wildly better than anybody else out there that any of us had heard of. So it was really easy for us to at least just test it out. We paid under ten thousand dollars a month, which was a very good price, compared to other claims databases. We didn't formally evaluate any others in a formal search process, but it was a better price..."

Chief Operating Officer
Pediatric Specialty Care

"Elation is our source of truth for things like patient demographics. All clinical documentation is done on that platform and then bills are pushed out...our clinicians use Tellescope to do initial video visits because it's a platform that supports tele-visits, and they set up the initial care plans there. Some of the background ticketing and automations and intra-care-team work is also done there. So they start steering the ship. They set up the initial set of instructions, and then basically our care coordinators fill out that set of tasks. We have appointments mirroring between those two platforms right now."

VP, Product Development
Virtual-first Orthopedic Care

"I'm 90% confident we will be integrating with [Candid's] eligibility features. The only reason we're not doing it right now is because it's fully API based. We use Elation for our EMR and that has the UI-based version of eligibility verification, so we've got something that works for now. But we fully intend to take advantage of their eligibility API to streamline our onboarding process."

Head of Product
Virtual Weight Loss Clinic

"To be honest, there's not a ton of vendors that do this, especially for behavioral health specifically. I think it came down to Medallion and Verifiable. Verifiable was great, but they were double the price. We were able to negotiate down with Medallion. Also, at the time, we weren’t sure if this was something we wanted to continue with, so we didn’t want to go with a long contract, which Medallion was ok with. Medallion was also a little more flexible on the number of licenses we needed to commit to. These were the primary reasons we went with them..."

Operations Manager
Tech-enabled Behavioral Health

"We used Kustomer for longitudinal relationship management. But you could imagine, as the care operations org matured, we also had issues-based use cases. Both needed to coexist, but Kustomer was disproportionately for relationship management. In the earliest iterations of my company, health coaches used it to build rapport with patients. In my part of the organization, providers were the most scarce resource. Having a CRM where we could be more proactive and answer patient questions without provider interaction was pretty key, but it was hard to do that in Kustomer."

Head of Care Operations
Diabetes and Obesity Care

“We took a month to six weeks to make a full RCM decision. It was pretty quick because we were hyper-focused on looking for a more modern RCM. So we wanted a cheaper RCM, but also someone who used better software. Enter came out on the lead there for a couple of different reasons. One, they seemed at pace, if not leading, in terms of their AI and their software, and how efficient it could be. Two, their pricing model made sense to us...”

Head of Product
Value-Based Specialty Care

"[Healthie has] Groups, patient groups...this wasn't something that some of the other platforms we were looking at had. And when you add a patient to a group, that can set off a variety of workflows for adding them to a group appointment and adding them to a group chat. The group charting functionality is pretty decent, much better than what I saw elsewhere. So after a group appointment (these can have 10 patients, which is kind of common for us)...being able to add individual notes and have that output an individual note for each patient.There's a lot for them to improve on that side, and I'm always working with their customer success team to do a bunch of those things, but I think that in itself saves providers something like 45 minutes in terms of charting for a group.

Virtual Care for Behavioral Health

"One standout aspect of working with Stedi is their exceptional responsiveness. Early on, they added us to a Slack group, which was a game-changer for communication. We can reach out to them anytime, even outside regular working hours, and their CEO and team members respond promptly. It's quite impressive to see the dedication and enthusiasm they have for assisting their customers. For instance, even on a Saturday night at 10 pm, their CEO would be there to answer questions or address issues..."

Chief Risk Officer
Health Plan

"One downside of working with the Ribbon API is the specialties endpoint could be improved. One of the things that we allow in our UI is to search for specialties. When a member types in something, it queries the Ribbon specialties endpoint to determine which specialties come up as a match. However they don't surface how many providers in our instance are attached to that specialty, which makes it difficult to surface the best data to our members..."

Software Engineer
Consumer-Focused Health Plan

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