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We’re at an inflection point in how healthcare companies are built.

Over the last several years, the healthcare industry has shifted toward more virtual, tech-enabled care. To support this transition, an entire ecosystem of healthcare infrastructure companies has emerged - software and service vendors focused on enabling these new, digitally native care experiences.

As a result, the task for healthcare builders has changed. No longer is the question how to create the desired care experience from scratch. It’s how to select and integrate the right set of external solutions to power your unique care model.

The Challenge

This paradigm shift has created a whole new set of questions. What solutions are out there? Which actually address my problem? How do they compare? And how well do they integrate with my existing tech stack?

These are company-defining decisions, often made quickly, under tight timelines, with limited information. And the cost of getting them wrong can be massive.

The Solution

Elion helps healthcare builders make better technology and vendor decisions, quickly and more confidently. Through our digital health taxonomy, comprehensive vendor marketplace, and in-depth tactical content, we make it easier for builders to discover, evaluate and select the solutions they need to power their businesses.

Creating great healthcare companies shouldn't be so hard. Builders shouldn't be struggling with the same sets of questions again and again. We believe it doesn't have to be this way.

We're on a mission to help healthcare builders to deliver better care faster.


Bobby Guelich CEO of Elion.
Bobby Guelich


Bobby has spent the last decade building digital health companies. As an early leader at both Oscar Health and TrialSpark, he experienced the challenges of building in healthcare firsthand. He’s passionate about making this journey easier for others and enabling the next generation of great healthcare companies

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Brendan Keeler. Head of Product at Flexpa. Advisor for Elion

Brendan Keeler
Head of Product, Flexpa

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Nikhil Krishnan. Founder of Out-of-Pocket. Advisor for Elion

Nikhil Krishnan
Founder, Out-of-Pocket

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Dhruv Vasishtha. VP product, Firsthand. Elion Advisor.

Dhruv Vasishtha
VP Product, firsthand

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