Clinical Data

The Clinical data category covers vendors involved in the exchange of clinical data, primarily EHR data, between covered entities (e.g., providers and payors), business associates (e.g., provider-facing applications), patients, and other stakeholders (e.g., pharma).

Vendors in this category support multiple types of data exchange, including:

  • Point-to-point data exchange (e.g., direct integration with an EHR)
  • Patient-mediated data exchange (e.g., patient authorized record sharing)
  • Network-based data exchange (e.g., facilitating patient record sharing via health information exchanges)

This is a broad category, with vendors supporting a wide range of use cases. The most common include provider-to-provider data exchanges for treatment purposes, payor-to-provider data exchanges for revenue cycle or clinical insights purposes, and patient-mediated exchanges for a variety use cases such as clinical trial recruitment, life insurance underwriting, and legal proceedings.