HealthHive brings together records and resources for caregivers and family into a single patient-centered platform to manage a patient's care


Payors in the care system are losing $75B a year due to the lack of streamlined system integrations, an inability to leverage informal caregivers and support patients over time, regardless of their location. No one is able to see the complete picture. HealthHive solves this problem by bringing together records and, resources, for both caregivers and family, and we bring this into a single patient-centered platform we call a Hive. Hive creation is easily triggered by an organization and integrates into existing systems. We empower the team without changing the workflows of the organizations involved in that care. The Hive allows everyone to get on the same page. Our low-cost B2B SaaS model attracts organizations seeking to reduce their cost of care management. We start with skilled nursing facilities to learn, and then we quickly move upstream to larger at-risk parties. As a team, we’ve already built, scaled, and sold a B2B SaaS business. We have deep experience, and a broad network, in the Health Tech space. HealthHive will integrate the patient and family into the healthcare system as we enable the healthcare system to finally operate as a system.





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