Mend is an enterprise-grade patient engagement solution designed to help healthcare organisations scale operations & care for more patients.


Mend is an enterprise-grade patient engagement and telehealth platform designed to help healthcare organizations profitably scale their practice and care for more patients. Founded in 2014, Mend is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery so that every patient can receive extraordinary care. Mend makes it easy for healthcare providers to securely and efficiently communicate with their patients and colleagues, without concerns of violating HIPAA compliance or misplacing patient information. Mend provides integrated in-office and virtual care experiences for over 100 specialties with more than 5 million patients. Mend's comprehensive platform works hand-in-hand with all major EHR and PMS software to facilitate more than 400,000 telehealth visits per month, increase patient satisfaction by up to 23%, reduce no-show rates as low as 4%, radically improve staff productivity, and help providers drive more revenue through better patient attendance.





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